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Thanks for looking to reach out to us. If you have any questions about the chamber, its membership, our events or more, the Executive Director is your best bet by phone or e-mail. We’ll always do our best to give solid referrals and a view of the neighborhood from the ground level.  We are also a delegate agent to the City’s Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection for 2015, and will gladly assist any local business in making those kind of connections.

Near West Side Chamber of Commerce
216 S. Hoyne Avenue
Chicago, IL 60612
(312) 738-2280

Mike Quinlan, Executive Director

Each chamber and neighborhood they boost in Chicago is going to be a little different. Our chamber core is like family and share a “greater good” mentality when talking about the area. Several of our directors have been invested in the neighborhood for 30 years, others can offer a fresh perspective of starting a business of the area. If you’re looking to open a business in the area and want a perspective from one of our directors, please feel free to call them and mention this contact page. These are people who care about the area and wish everyone great success.

President, Mr. Earnest Gates, Near West Side CDC, (312) 738-2280
Vice President, Mr. Bill Phillips, Elite Truck Rental, (312) 942-1001
Treasurer, Ms. Shawuana Ward, PNC Bank, (312) 850-2670

Ms. Cindy Betts-Robinson, Class Hair Salon, (312) 343-3165
Ms. Jorgina Pereria, Sinhah’s Restaurant, (312) 491-8200
Mr. Delashone White, Gentle Wash Mobile Detail, (312) 428-8634